Learning the Guitar Complete

The original series for the complete beginner

“Learning the Guitar Complete”

with Michael Gillette

“Learning the Guitar Complete” is my 20 lesson instructional video which takes the complete beginner from guitar parts right through to getting you comfortable with playing chords, rhythms, fingerpicking, scales, and much more.

What makes this program different is the casual pace it takes and the detail it provides. This can only be done if you take your time and that is why the program is over 7 hours long!

These are my oldest lessons and while yes, the video quality is pretty laughable I would rather make new lessons than keep remaking old ones.  It’s funny that these old vids cost thousands of dollars more than what I now make with much cheaper gear. The lessons are good though and the ones I didn’t like I have updated elsewhere and have removed the volumes from this collection. Enjoy!

– Michael


  • How to Tune, Guitar Parts, First Chords
  • Basic Changes with Chords G, C, D7, Em, Am, B7, D, A7, A, E
  • Basic Changes with Chords C#m, F, G7, Am, Dm, E7
  • Basic Rhythms
  • How to Fingerpick
  • Hammering with Chords G, Em/G, C, D7/Em, Am, B7
  • Left Hand Technique, Finger Positions, Chromatic and Major Scales
  • Playing from TAB (3 Lessons)
  • Power Chords Root Five and Six
  • Blues/Rock Scale Root Six
  • Moveable Chords (2 Lessons)


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